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NFL draft live chat

Chat about the first round of the 2013 NFL draft with sportswriter Jeff Gordon.

  • Fisher just said contrary to reports, he did not go to meet with DeAndre Hopkins. Shook his had no somewhat emphatically. From live sit-down: Coach and Snead seem pretty cool with the Tree's history. Tavon "will be a returner"
  • Snead at live presser: Rams defensive coaches urged the team to take Austin so they didnt have to game plan for him.
  • Do you think the Rams will trade up to get Lacy or Montee?
  • Peter Schrager on Twitter: "Te'o wasn't a first rounder. Ogletree is. I don't want to hear about intangibles and leadership being top priorities for LBs anymore."
  • I find it quite gratifying to see the Rams under competent management. Mr Kroenke is a great owner. St Louis should give him whatever he wants. He's kept up his end of the deal, so should we.
  • Gordo next two picks safety and rb?
  • Press conference was good. Jim Thomas got good questions asked.
  • Rams don't sound eager to trade up into the second round, so it will be tough to project what will happen next. But safety is an obvious target.
  • You think the next two positions we target are S and RB?
  • The right offensive guard could also be in that discussion.
  • Based purely on positonal value, filling a need, and BPA, how do you grade the first two picks?
  • Great picks. Rams paid a price to get the one offensive playmaker in the first round, then got a playmaker for the defensive side down at 30 after getting an extra mid-round pick.
  • How many remaining picks do the Rams now have and where?
  • Rams will pick 71, 92, 113, 149, 184, 198.
  • appreciate the chat Jeff, I know it's been a long night for you answering silly questions from the fans. Thanks again!
  • Thanks again Gordo...Just like your live chats when the Rams play during the regular season. Great to discuss football...
  • Mike Sando on Ogletree:

    The St. Louis Rams arguably needed starters at running back, guard and safety after drafting Tavon Austin eighth overall and trading back eight spots into the 30th overall choice.

    They addressed a need at outside linebacker instead by selecting Georgia's Alec Ogletree, a player Mike Mayock had projected to the Rams at No. 22 in his mock draft Wednesday. That projection led to debate on Twitter given that some have listed Ogletree as an inside linebacker and the Rams are set in the middle with James Laurinaitis.

    Ogletree, a former safety with some off-field concerns, projects as a weakside linebacker in a 4-3 scheme.

    Ogletree was arrested for stealing another student's motorcycle helmet. He was suspended for drug-related reasons. He was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence.

    Rams coach Jeff Fisher hasn't shied away from players with off-field concerns. The team used a second-round choice for Janoris Jenkins last year, with encouraging results so far.

    Ogletree turns an undermanned linebacking corps into a potential strength, fortifying a front seven that was already stacked on the line with Chris Long, Michael Brockers and Robert Quinn.
  • Tavon Austin interview transcript:
    On how he is feeling)
    “I am feeling good right now, definitely.”

    (On if he knew he would be taken No. 8 overall when he arrived in New York)
    “Definitely not. Sometimes people say you are a draft pick, but you really don’t know.”

    (On if he got a sense that the Rams liked him throughout the draft process)
    “Yes. I definitely had a feeling they liked me. When I went up there for their visit I definitely connected well with all the coaches, Coach (Jeff) Fisher and the G.M. (General Manager Les Snead) and everybody. Then when I knew they came back to watch me at West Virginia work out, we definitely hit it off there, too. They put me on the board when I was there, and me and the coaches just clicked. I’m just thankful for this opportunity they’re giving me.”

    (On if he had a good feeling that the Rams were interested in him)
    “I definitely had a good feeling, just off the vibe they were giving. We did soft spirals and everything when I was there.”

    (On if he sensed that there was a lot of interest in him throughout the whole league)
    “Yes, a lot of teams were showing me how they could use me. They were showing me a lot of interest, but the Rams actually came back a couple days before the draft even happened and they wanted me to work out for them. So I definitely knew that they had a large interest in me.”

    (On when the Rams came back to work him out at West Virginia)
    “It was a couple days before I left for the draft. It was around the 18th or 19th of April, (when) they came to Morgantown and worked me out.”

    (On what he will bring to the team)
    “I’m going to come to the team and I’m definitely going to work hard, that’s No. 1. I’m not going to be a distraction. I’m going to come in and play wherever the team needs me to play – so, special teams, running back or slot receiver. I’m going to come in with the right mindset and hopefully put some points on the board and help this team get some wins.”

    (On how he thinks the Rams will use him)
    “They showed me all the positions that I did when I played for (West Virginia Head) Coach (Dana) Holgorsen. They’re going to use me in the backfield. Coach Fisher talked to me about special teams and I’m definitely a slot receiver. So, they definitely have a plan for me.”

    (On if they talked to him about returning kicks)
    “Yes. He definitely told me about kickoff and punt returns.”

    (On if he likes to have the ball in his hands at all times)

    (On what his response is to people saying he is too small for the NFL)
    “That’s definitely not going to (ever go away). I just have to keep my heart up, keep my mind right and keep grinding every day in practice. Take care of my body, just keep fighting the critics off like I’ve been doing since I was young. I can’t do anything about it. I would like to change if I could get two inches, but I can’t. I’m just going to keep on pushing.”

    (On if he has ever missed a game and how he manages to avoid injury)
    “You just have to come in and you’ve got to work hard. You have to protect yourself. I haven’t missed a game in eight years. That’s between high school and college. I’m just going to try to come in the league and take care of my body and do the same thing – get down when I need to get down, and just step out of bounds when I need to.”

    (On if he met QB Sam Bradford and if he is excited to work with him)
    “No. I never met him, but I’m honored to play with him right now.”

    (On being the first wide receiver selected by Rams in first round since WR Torry Holt)
    “That’s an honor. That’s a legend. I watched him when I was young and I never thought I would play wide receiver right now, but I am and I appreciate. I’m just honored to go and I’m just going to come in and try to do the same thing he did when he was there.”

    (On who is in New York with him)
    “Mostly all my family, a couple of my cousins that came up here. My grandmother, mother, cousins, aunts and everybody. Everybody’s definitely happy right now.”

    (On who threw to him during his workout with the Rams)
    “I can’t remember his name. I didn’t get his name, but he definitely was spinning it to me. We definitely had a good time out there.”

    (On if he feels pressured to produce immediately considering the draft picks the Rams gave up in order to select him)
    “I’m going come in, I’m going to try to do my part. I’m going to come in and give 100 percent. They did give up a lot, but I’m definitely going to try to work my hardest to give out a lot. I’m going to come out every day at work ready to play. ”

    (On if he could have imagined being the first skill player taken in this year’s draft)
    “Definitely not. I always had big dreams and I believed in myself, that I was going to get to the league. But being the first skill position off the board, ending up No. 8 in the first round, with all the critics and my size and everything, I definitely didn’t expect this. I kept faith in myself and family did, and I was glad that it happened.”

    (On whom he spoke with when the Rams called him)
    “It was the G.M. (Les Snead). He was just talking to me and told me they liked me a lot and they were glad to have me on the team. I thanked them a lot and now I’m just ready to get to St. Louis and get to work.”

    (On if he remembers the last time someone ran him down from behind)
    “I can’t remember when somebody ran me down from behind. There’s been times when there was an angle and I was running flat across the field when somebody came and tried to stop me that way. As far as straight on, I can’t remember.”

    (On what he thinks the biggest adjustment will be from playing collegiately to in the NFL)
    “I never came out of the big playbook in college (like) they have in the NFL. I did all signals. I don’t know how it’s going to be when I get to the league. That’s probably going to be my biggest challenge right now.”
  • That looks like it for tonight. Thanks! See you Friday!
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